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Hi Everyone,

 I am Coach Sue, Susan (Sue) T. Dinnocenti, an internationally certified coach who specializes in using positive psychology and wellness strategies to guide individuals or groups of all ages to an authentic, positive, and more productive lifestyle. Welcome to my blog on how to live, work, and play – Positively Well.

For most of my life I have been fortunate to know people who inspire others with their sheer joy of living and the positive seeds they leave behind after you have had a conversation, shared a meal, or simply observed their presence – it’s as if their lives flow smoothly and without effort at every turn.  However, if I listed the challenges that these individuals have encountered the list would include, chronic, critical, and terminal illnesses, residents of nursing facilities, young children who don’t know if they will have someone to tuck them in or give them food, or a CEO who worked his way up from being a custodian to present day leader and establishes a family community within his enterprise.

To Live Positive and Live Well is no easy feat when the cards you are dealt are filled with physical, social, emotional, financial, or self-confidence challenges – nevertheless there are strategies and doable actions that one can take to chip away at the challenges and reverse them into joy filled and flourishing moments leading to success at work, home, or play at any age or stage of your life.

Each new day allows for us to make a change – or take a step towards change, it’s never easy and for most people it is best to not go the road alone, which is where the coaching process can be an answer.  Having a coach in whatever aspect of your life needs focus – professional, personal, health & wellness, or for your children’s growth is a co-active relationship that builds an action plan with you at the conductor’s seat and a coach by your side.

Take a few minutes and explore the website – it changes frequently and send me an email or give me a call if you have questions about the coaching process.  We all have the potential to be someone’s role model – in fact you probably are – so extend your gifts and find that flow and effortless way of being.

If you are a parent who is visiting to inquire about Transitioning Autistic Children to Adulthood, please visit that website at

I look forward to hearing from you!  

Live Positive – Live Well.

Sue 🙂 

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