Positivity Presentations

Positivity Presentations for Everyone

Sue is a dynamic and motivational speaker who will customize a presentation for your organization to inspire personal growth, draw out affective attributes, and motivate individuals to utilize their strengths.

Topics listed below can be adapted for a community group or to a company’s culture, theme, mission/vision statements or for any age audience.

Sample Presentation Topics or Customize a Presentation for your Organization

Positive Psychology: For the Boardroom, Classroom, and Family Room!

Positive Psychology is for everyone at every age – it’s not a pill, a test, a gimmick, it is a way to thrive in your personal and professional life 24/7.  Find out how to organize your family, school, enterprise or just you – you’ll feel different by the time you leave.

Top 10 Ways to be Positive!

A fast paced presentation filled with examples, audience participation, and a motivational assortment of media to help everyone discover 10 researched based strategies to utilize and create a life of meaning and purpose.

Maximizing Your Strengths!

How do you live a life filled with passion, energy, and drive that moves you forward in relationships, career, home and social situations – Sue teaches you to Maximize Strengths! 

Parents Matter… So Do Their Words – How to Praise!

Learn 5 steps that parents or anyone can use to make their words more meaningful – step away from words that are overused – “Great”, Terrific”, “You’re the Best” and learn to praise with purpose.

Role Models and their Significance in our Lives

With audience input, Sue explores the attributes of Role Models, their significance in a person’s life, how one is a role model to others, and the impact of having a Role Model fall from “grace.”

Looking into the Mirror

Sue weaves a personal story of how a parent’s love and support can become the greatest source of energy to a child and follow him or her throughout life.

Presentations are 45-60 minutes and can be designed with Q&A follow-up or include audience participation.

To schedule a speaking engagement please contact Sue at Ph: 215.393.3615 or email sue@positivitycoachingandtraining.com or sue@susandinnocenti.com  

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