Coaching Plans

Coaching Plans are Personally Designed for the Coachee  –

(Virtually or Face-To Face)

Individual – Family – Group


We work one on one with your child at your home, at an agreed upon location, or virtually, depending on how the child likes to share thoughts and dreams.

Your child’s strengths are uncovered through interviews, and strength assessments then compiled to create a profile of his or her top 5 strengths. These strengths are discussed and blended into action areas that he or she wants to thrive in or possibly into an area that is a challenge or is a desire to explore.

An action plan is developed by the coach and child featuring timelines and accountabilities for the child to meet ensuring forward progress. The coaching relationship becomes a co-active process where the child is supported in each step and fulfills life goals by enhancing personal strengths.


Family members can choose to experience coaching as a team effort and work on whole family change or supportive change for each individual in the process.  For example, parents may want to support transitioning youth with strategies to understand the middle schooler, while the middle schooler is utilizing strategies to work and balance personal growth and their parents/guardians.  Sibling coaching is available to focus on celebrating strengths and talents of a family instead of pressures and rivalries.


Elevating your life and living with meaning and purpose does not have to be done alone, many people enjoy the coaching process when in a group and feed off each other’s energy.  Although each coachee will be guided towards their own personal goal, the conversation for the coaching process will be performed through a group process.  Group coaching offers team support while saving money as group coaching fees apply.

Coaching Timeframe:

The coaching process may take place weekly, either virtually or in person depending on coaching agreement or it may be bi-monthly depending on the individual, family, or group situation and lifestyles of those involved.

All coaching relationships ebb and flow in a collaborative manner and there is no set endpoint on which to set expectations, the relationship is certainly unique and valued between the coach and coachee.

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