Coaching For Change

Coaching Helps Create Change for EVERYONE!       

Although we are personally responsible for our actions, we sometimes need help in figuring out what our strengths are and how to apply them to our life situations. Too often our immediate culture and those who love us, demand perfection, set undesirable expectations, and focus on working on weaknesses instead of talents.  Research indicates that focusing on strengths and putting one’s best self into action where personal strengths are elevated results in a more meaningful and fulfilled life both professionally and personally.

Coaching options include:

So much to catch up on!Enrich Your Child – focuses on guiding children ages 8-18 to their next level by exploring their strengths, creating action plans, and focusing on goals which allow them to work with and through everyday challenges that occur with school, peers, friends, and family.


Enrich Yourself– focuses on adults and provides avenues for self-reflection and ways to optimize time in a hurried world.  What are your desires related to family, friends, professional goals, and personal dreams? How can quality time be created in a surge of quantity demands? What does WELLNESS mean to you and how can you build it into your everyday life?  When you Enrich Yourself, you finally find the pause that you have been seeking and will learn how to Breathe in life and allow.

Going within to leadExecutive InsideOut– focuses on executives at any stage of their career to uncover their inner strengths and personal gifts and talents which may be hidden due to high level stress or commitment to company expectations.  Executives are guided through personalized reflections of a balanced life based on research based models of  health & wellness and extend their personal discoveries of joy, connectedness, and conscious awareness to list a few, back into their professional lives to realize a benefit of living and leading from the inside out.

No matter where one is in life, there is always someway to move forward; new strategies, new friends, new views of past practices, yet it all involves CHANGE!  No matter what, change will always come upon us whether we like it or not. So, take charge of the change in your life, set a course, seek out a coach to guide you, and allow yourself that uncomfortable adjustment time that change requires. The end result will be one of growth and a feel good place in life.

Contact Sue at 215.393.3615 or email at and explain which area of your life or your child’s life you want to focus on and we can discuss next steps.

Have a great day!