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The International Positive Education Network (ipen) is a global network for positive psychology researchers & practitioners, parents, educators, and many representatives from the arts & sciences, government, and business who are passionately engaged to support, collaborate, and communicate to create change in educational practice and government policy.

IPEN can be the link to finally affect change in classrooms all over the world with its goal of providing strategies and training for educators to guide children into utilizing their strengths to flourish in both a learning and well-being lifestyle.

Educating the whole child is a phrase often used by schools and policy makers as the goal of education, yet professional practice contradicts that goal with Common Core requirements, State Testing Assessments, and age graded standards. An antiquated educational system in the USA is continually patched every four-eight years with the latest political learning measure to ensure that struggling learners are remediated with flavor of the month strategies so they can be compared to an average learner. Many of the highly touted Charter and Reform programs focus solely on getting students grades up through drill and skill, many long hours of memorization, and strict discipline within the school. It is almost as if the motto could be “learn or we will hurt you, instead of learn or you will hurt yourself.” Yes, some children grow up in tough situations and need a concentrated effort to move them forward, however, at the end of the day, the stress levels, mind games, and constant spotlight that these children are under does not serve them well in understanding their character strengths and how to find meaning and purpose.

No policy or programs in our educational system ensure that the strengths and abilities of young children are exercised or utilized in their realm of knowing and learning about the world, and the tragedy is that we are not building a culture of global contributors rather we are building a culture of disenfranchised test-takers.

There are some wonderful innovative learning spaces which have been created by entrepreneurial visionaries who believe in potential and utilizing young people’s creative minds, insights, and talents. Other schools across the globe focus on utilizing strengths and positive psychology, and still other schools flourish by becoming customized in the arts, sciences, or communication through social media and they draw in a vivid assortment of talent and emotional intelligent children who will create our future.

IPEN’s mission is to educate parents, educators, and policy makers on the importance and the connection of positivity and academics. Learning is far beyond the minimal standards
set in the k-12 setting; it is global, complex, and very personal. For a child to make sense of his/her world and share his/her unique gifts and talents with the world requires intentional opportunities of meaning and engagement. The only test for that, is to simply make it happen.

Feel free to read ipen’s blog and hear more from around the world.

Visit the IPEN site to read and sign the manifesto that is being shared across the world.

Stay tuned as we continue to update and hopefully inundate you with Positive Stuff for Education!

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