Positive Leaders

Positive Leaders are R.A.T.S.!

Normally when one thinks of RATS it doesn’t paint a picture of positivity, inspiration, or even a desire to be around the environment of where they live.  Yet, there are some organizations who are consistently led by RATS in their C-Suite and Senior Management and their companies are successful by taking Small Actions which equate to a Big Impact.

After my second go through of the book HOW TO BE A POSITIVE LEADER – Small Actions, Big Impact – edited by Jane E. Dutton & Gretchen M. Spreitzer , yes a second go through since one time through only motivates you to go back and dig deeper into High-Quality Connections, Job Crafting, Activating Virtuousness, Employees as Resources, not Resisters, Mindful Negotiations, Crisis Opportunities et.al.. I looked back at my notes on the key take-aways and what small actions Leaders can make with their stakeholders at all levels and I came to the conclusion that Positive Leaders are definitely R.A.T.S in many ways.




Resourceful Adaptable Trusting Supportive
Responsive Agile Team Oriented Social Media Savvy
Relationship Oriented Actively Engaged Transformational Seeks Feedback
Respectful Accessible Taps into the Good Sense of Purpose

Positive Leaders have all of these attributes and more (beginning with other letters of course) and the key components to any successful and thriving organization is to cultivate these types of leaders, share their traits and talents across the enterprise, and implement strategies to respectfully engage and enable others.

Better is always possible and in order to achieve sustainable excellence R.A.T.S. will always model virtues that encourage compassion, hope, meaning, and ethical behavior resulting in the desired outcomes of profitability, productivity, engagement, employee ownership, and a culture which embraces a sense of calling and well-being.

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