School’s Out For Summer

sunshineRemember the countdown to Summer?

No matter what age or position you have in this big world; teacher, child, regular member of society or….when June rolls  around, it is hard not to smile and think of the excitement of No School or sing a few verses of the classic Alice Cooper song “School’s Out for Summer.”

For most of our young people there is an increased energy in their step, their smiles become bigger and brighter, and their dreams of splashing in the pool, endless screen time on hand-helds and Big Screen TV’s take center stage.  Although some children will do the splash and screen scene, many others will explore a new territory while on vacation with their parents and will benefit from understanding cultures both domestic and abroad.  Other children will grow through their involvement in day or sleep away camp, yet some children may not benefit at all due to family situations or the lack of available funds. To these children, Summer is Long Hot and Lonely.

I often wonder what goes through a child’s mind and heart when they feel the heat of loneliness and the length of days without splashing and exploring?  I also wonder what one kind gesture could do to that loneliness and what big lesson of compassion would be gained by both giver and receiver?

Many of us know a child or an adult who would benefit from a trip to a museum, a day at a pool,  a roller coaster ride at an amusement park, or a car ride to the local mini-golf and ice cream hangout without having to pay?  Wouldn’t it be nice to grab a few of those discounted tickets and make it happen?

After all, School’s Out for Summer!


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