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Wellness Coaching Dimensions!

Wellness Coaching is often discussed and defined with terms related to maintaining or restoring the physical body to a healthy state.  Although a healthy body is one piece of wellness, views associated only with physical wellness hinder one’s understanding of the other pieces needed to connect to achieve total Well-Being.

Wellness models currently practiced consist of between 5 and 12 dimensions including but not limited to: spiritual, physical, environmental, occupational, social, emotional, intimacy, and intellectual.  These components are interrelated and total wellness is far greater than the sum of its parts.  However, due to these interconnected parts, wellness is viewed on a continuum where dimensions have a direct relationship.  For example, someone who has a mental or physical disease is certainly affected in the intellectual and physical dimensions but to the degree of how he/she chooses to respond to the disease will affect other dimensions either positively or negatively and will determine a level of personal wellness. Wellness therefore is defined by the National Wellness Institute as “a process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.”

Making choices towards a successful existence can be difficult for both individuals and organizations due to many challenges people experience across wellness dimensions and that may be one reason why wellness coaching is being sought after from all sectors of society.  Corporate leaders, their employees, parents, educators, and young people are eager to learn strategies which; enhance personal strengths, address and assess dimension areas, and inform best practices on how to achieve personal or organizational potential.

Wellness is holistic within the individual and amongst those within an organization or enterprise.  Success which is often measured by comparison methods where an organization or person aspires to be more like another person or a company adopts and tweaks a Fortune 100’s vision and mission statement to make it their own will eventually meet up with failure.  Personal and corporate wellness cannot be compared on a measuring stick as it is achieved through making conscious choices which lead to personal engagement and collective growth of human potential.

Wellness can be accomplished at all levels and by all ages as long as the many dimensions of wellness are understood and steps are taken to monitor and tweak if necessary those volatile dimensions which can be affected by daily life situations.

I’ll be posting more about the wellness dimensions for all ages in the coming weeks – check back for more – until then – Be WELL!

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