Wellness Strategies #2

Wellness Strategies – Tool # 2

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

The popular movie “The Wizard of Oz” has a well-known song – “Follow the Yellow Brick Road,” which is sung by Munchkins (not to be confused with those Dunkin Munchkins) who offer five words of advice.  They tell Dorothy in their little magical voices to Follow the Yellow Brick Road and then they repeat the word “Follow” five more times.  Yet, aside from murmuring that it will take you to a wonderful wizard, who is wonderful because of the wonderful things he does.  The munchkins don’t offer much more of what the road will hold in store for Dorothy.  Although Dorothy is equipped with magical Ruby Red Slippers to protect her on the journey, in the real world, ruby slippers are not going to get anyone to OZ.

Your road to wellness lies ahead of you and sadly it will not be paved with pretty yellow stepping stones or emerald cities awaiting you but it can be paved with wellness strategies that you choose to use and re-use as you work your way to your Magical OZ.

In an earlier post, “Tools You can Use #1” a Wheel of Life was described as a method of determining where one is across many personal dimensions. The wheel or pie pieces depict a visual of how a life is functioning – is it smooth, choppy, or in need of a major overhaul.  This second tool is where you look at the wheel and decide which pieces you want to focus on and create an Action Plan.  Even though you may only select one or two pieces to focus on, the way personal wellness works is that by improving in one area of your life elevates other areas of a life.

Action planning can be as simple as listing items that you would like to work on with an associated completion date. If working with a coach, the list would contain at least three pieces – What are you going to do, When are you going to do it, and How will you communicate to your coach that you completed the action.


 TO DO  When I will Do it How to communicate
 1. Exercise 3 times a week Mon, Wed, Fri I will email my coach MWF
 2. Oatmeal for bfast each morning M-F  M, T,W, T, F Text a pic each morning to coach

Action plans are created with much reflection on past personal practices and current life situations that may be prompting the action.  Often times a diagnosed health condition, loss of a job, or wanting to look good when attending a child’s wedding will prompt a strong desire to change and setting an action plan will become your  road map to wellness.

Wellness tools like action planning only work when the actions are held accountable and that is why a wellness coach will ask “How will I know you completed a task?”  Coachees who work through a wellness plan with a coach often comment that it was because they were held accountable that made all the difference.

Follow Your Own Road and color the bricks whatever color you want – just “FOLLOW”  your action plan with accountability and you will reach OZ.

“Good luck and while you are there tell the Wizard I said hello!

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