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Wellness strategies: Tools you can use – #1!

Wellness strategies can affect many areas in a wellness tools to useperson’s life and by understanding how a strategy affects one dimension a person can strengthen other dimensions.  The first step is to determine where one is on the wellness continuum, which dimensions are affected the most, and setting an action plan to begin your wellness journey.

Since there are many dimensions to wellness the first strategy is to become aware of how many dimensions you associate with and decide which area of your life to focus on first.  An non-exhaustive list of dimensions may include self-responsibility, intellectual, physical fitness, nutrition, environmental, spiritual, finding meaning, communication, occupational, financial, family, self-care, connections …, play. Many of these dimensions can collapse to make a wellness plan more manageable (e.g. physical fitness and nutrition becomes diet& exercise) and have less dimensions to think about but once dimensions are set it’s time to look inside oneself.

Assessment of Dimensions

Wellness and life coaches have many tools to help coachees figure out where they are in life and one tool is a Wheel of Life – a circle which is divided into equal pie parts based on the number of dimensions you believe represent your life and then your rank of  a number, 10 being awesome and 1 being low.  Once the numbers are entered, a line is drawn and the pie piece is colored in to show a schematic of where you stand in relation to each wellness piece.  Most of the time the wheel shows a discrepancy in rankings for certain pieces, physical may be 9 but financial is 3, family is 4 where play is 10….and so on. This first tool gives you a glimpse of how bumpy your life is and the picture provides a conversation starter in deciding where to begin. It should be noted that having a 5 for all pieces would depict a wheel that could turn without bumps, however, the goal of life is to constantly strive for high level wellness.

Wellness tools are for everyone, since wellness is not the absence of illness or disease, rather a way to focus living a lifestyle of improvement, even those who have been challenged with disease, family strife, or environmental difficulties can move towards the positive end of well-being by assessing their whole life and enhancing pieces in small or big ways.  It is impossible to improve one dimension of life without improving another dimension.  If your goal is to build better relationships within your family, as you begin the process you can’t help but increase your personal growth, physical health, and possibly fun and recreation.

Your pieces of life play on each other – so take your first tool and assess where your wheel is in need of repair.

* This is the first in a series of wellness tools that are offered by wellness coaches.

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